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I salute “The Heat” on all those fronts. But this is a movie, not a PowerPoint presentation by San Diego State professor Martha Lauzen, the intrepid watchdog of sex and gender in Hollywood. And as a movie, it’s a mixed-up and frequently uncomfortable experience. I’m pretty sure that Feig and Dippold have no ideological intentions when it comes to their depiction of crime and police work; they’re only thinking about the conventions of the cop movie. But those conventions are ideological, not to mention inherently reactionary, so we get what is meant to be an endearing comedy about two prickly, loner career women who have internalized the vicious, macho culture of police work. They’re very different models of adult womanhood who join forces — to borrow the vernacular of Shannon Mullins, the tough Boston street cop played by McCarthy – to cock-block the Fourth Amendment.

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Friends of the couple say that Will, known for his stubborn streak, won't let anyone dictate a time frame – but also acknowledge an engagement is no longer a matter of if but rather when.
"There are no people advising her or preparing her for anything," says one palace insider. "She is going about her private life as a private individual."

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The multi-talented TV and movie veteran Dick Van Dyke has canceled public appearances planned for next week, his rep tells Entertainment Tonight.
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